Project “16 Days of Gratitude”: day 6

Day 6. Semyon Olelkovich – the last prince of Kyiv. Let’s give the Ostrogskys a little break today from our excessive attention, but not for long, because I have more stories to tell about them. Remember how it all began? Yes, from the Lithuanian castle on a high mountain and its rulers. One of them, Semyon Olelkovich (1420 – 1470) – the last prince of Kyiv (from 1455), prince Slutsky, son of Olelko Vladimirovich, great-grandson of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Olgerd, was on friendly terms with many influential Lithuanian figures and even claimed the duke‘s title of his great-grandfather (1454, 1461). Alas, he was the last prince of the Kyiv Principality. After him, only governors resided in Kyiv. It was Prince Semyon Olelkovich, who rebuilt the Assumption Cathedral after the Tatar pogroms, and was later burried there. 60 years later, Konstantin Ostrozhsky was also buried there (in fact, it was an incredible pantheon of our common history. Unfortunately, you already know what happened in 1941). Since the times of Semyon Olelkovich and the restoration of the temple, a triptych has survived to this day. Originally,it was in the cathedral, but after numerous restorations was divided into three parts and placed around the Lavra bell tower in the 18th century. An inscription was carved on the triptych: “The Church of the Holy Pechersk was founded on the old foundation under the great king Casimir by the faithful Semyon Alexandrovich, father of Kyiv, under Archimandrite John.” The triptych was made on a solid slab of white marble. In the center of the triptych was the image of the Mother of God, to the left of her – the figure of the Monk Theodosius, and to the right – Anthony (the founders of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra). It should be noted that there are very few remaining monuments of the 15th century and they can be counted on fingers, which is why it is so important to preserve this unique work of art. Well, you will always have the opportunity to see everything with your own eyes. Let‘s wait a bit for our victory and visit the Lavra, Kyiv, st. Lavrskaya, 9.

The photo shows the rebuilt Assumption Church and the Lavra bell tower with a placed triptych.

Dr. Ruslana Martseniuk

Photos by dr. Ruslana Martseniuk


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