Department of Foreign Language, Literary and Translation Studies

Prof. dr. Aurelija Leonavičienė

Head of the Department

Research interests: translation theory and critics, contrastive linguistics, text linguistics, stylistics, pragmatics, corpus linguistics

Daiva Kielaitė

Administrator of the Department

Prof. habil. dr. Milda Julija Danytė

Research interests: Lithuanian history of emigrants, culture, literature, problems of identity, works of Žemaitė, feminism, genres of popular literature, detective novels in a comparative context of various countries, children and teenager literature in English language, problems of literary translations

Prof. dr. Ingrida Eglė Žindžiuvienė

Research interests: contemporary literature in English, comparative literature, USA and European studies, cultural studies, English language teaching methodology

Prof. dr. Jūratė Ruzaitė

Research interests: discourse analysis, language and ideology, corpus linguistics, hate speech, vague language

Prof. dr. Sigita Barniškienė

Research interests: text linguistics, comparative literary studies, cultural relations between Germany and Lithuania

Prof. dr. Violeta Kalėdaitė

Research interests: language typology, contrastive linguistics, corpus linguistics, translation studies, multilingualism, language policies

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Audronė Raškauskienė

Research interests: Gothic literature, women’s literature, comparative literature, autobiographical literature, academic writing, culturology, intercultural communication

Assoc. prof. dr. Eglė Petronienė

Research interests: Functional linguistics, English language development, Foreign language teacher education 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Irena Ragaišienė

Research interests: contemporary English literature and literary criticism, popular literature, comparative literature, gender studies, ecocriticism, literary translation, intercultural communication

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Novella di Nunzio

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rūta Eidukevičienė

Research interests: contemporary German literature and literary criticism, comparative literature, connection between literature and culture, business language research

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Stefano Lanza

Research interests: lexicology, language relations, etymology, Lithuanian language philology

Dr. Giedrė Pranaitytė

Research interests: Cultural diplomacy, public diplomacy, French foreign policy, translation and politics, the analysis of cultural phenomena


Dr. Inga Litvinavičienė

Research interests: French literature, translation theories

Dr. Judita Giparaitė

Research interests: Grammar, corpus linguistics, contrastive linguistics

Dr. Jurgita Macijauskaitė-Bonda

Research interests: translation studies, translation of cultural meanings, folklore, children’s culture

Dr. Moreno Bonda

Research interests: the history of 17th-century ideas, Lithuanian historiography, cultural connections between Italy and Lithuania, Italian language philology


German language assistant (DAAD)


Specialist in teaching French as a foreign language

Kristina Aurylaitė

Research interests: contemporary dramaturgy, theories of dramaturgy, literature and culture of Canada and South Africa, ethnic minority literature, studies of postcolonialism and multiculturalism, visual aspects in contemporary literature, narratology, cinematic and digital narratives

Laura Bakšytė

Courses taught: Italian language and culture.

Laure Rannou

Specialist in teaching French as a foreign language


Maria Jose de Urraza

Research interests: educology and educational anthropology