Faculty Mentoring Programme

Vytautas Magnus University has a Mentorship Programme for the first-year students. The programme is organized according to the principle “peer to peer“.

The Mentorship programme was established based on the experience of the best universities in the world and is intended for all first-year students who want to blend into the university’s academic and social activities successfully.

Peer mentors are friendly and active upperclassmen from different faculties, who have already acquired experience as students; they are able to inspire and encourage first year students students and offer their guidance both in and outside of the university by helping to acquaint themselves with university’s physical surrounding and academic city of Kaunas.

Mentors are ready to help and answer your questions regarding accommodation, study programmes and subjects, university’s rules, social and international possibilities provided by the university, as well as free-time activities at the university and the city of Kaunas.

Mentors at the Faculty of Humanities (degree studies):

Juozas Rūškys (juozas.ruskys@vdu.lt)

Gabrielė Kamarauskaitė (gabriele.kamarauskaite@vdu.lt)

Mentors at the Faculty of Humanities (exchange studies):

Aistė Tervydytė (aiste.tervydyte@vdu.lt)

Akvilė Varpiotaitė (akvile.varpiotaite@vdu.lt)

Brigita Prieskienytė (brigita.prieskienyte@vdu.lt)

Eglė Gasparaitytė (egle.gasparaityte@vdu.lt)

Elina Ruigytė (elina.ruigyte@vdu.lt)

Erika Jenkutė (erika.jenkute@vdu.lt)

Evelina Šutaitė (evelina.sutaite@vdu.lt)

Gerda Šulčiūtė (gerda.sulciute@vdu.lt)

Gytis Buitkus (gytis.buitkus@vdu.lt)

Glorija Kliokytė (glorija.kliokyte@vdu.lt)

Ieva Vengrovskaja (ieva.vengrovskaja@vdu.lt)

Justė Labanauskaitė (juste.labanauskaite@vdu.lt)

Karolina Iljinaitė (karolina.iljinaite@vdu.lt)

Laura Mykolaitytė (laura.mykolaityte@vdu.lt)

Paulius Juškevičius (paulius.juskevicius@vdu.lt)

Viktoriia Slyvka (viktoriia.slyvka@vdu.lt)

Vita Stankaitytė (vita.stankaityte@vdu.lt)

Neringa Gramalytė (neringa.gramalyte@vdu.lt)