Lithuanian Language and Culture Studies


The new online and on-site non-formal education programme at Vytautas Magnus University “Lithuanian language and culture studies for Lithuanian diaspora and foreigners“!

The programme is designed for people of Lithuanian descent and foreigners who are not only interested in the Lithuanian language, history and culture but also seek to make Lithuania a part of their life project.

“We believe that our diaspora youth need an education centre, which, in addition to universal and modern education, could help revive Lithuanian identity. This programme, as well as other projects of  VMU World Lithuanian University, expresses our wish to bring together all scattered Lithuanians. This is an opportunity to encourage and enable our diaspora to keep tight bonds with the motherland and to acquaint them with historical and contemporary Lithuania,“ says the Head of the Lithuanian Emigration Institute Prof. Egidijus Aleksandravičius.

The programme is adapted to everyone: the students who have prior knowledge of Lithuanian and complete beginners. It has several package offers that include both Lithuanian and culture courses. Every package offers courses on the Lithuanian language, phonetics, grammar and oral language practice; the culture courses include Lithuanian theatre, cinema, fine arts, folklore, traditions, mythology, history and much more.

If you are fascinated by Lithuanian language, interested in culture or historical facts, wish to become a student again or have your own reasons, join VMU and the non-formal education programme.

<strong>ECTS credits</strong><strong>Courses</strong><strong>Dates</strong><strong>Registration and deadlines</strong>

In order to complete the programme, at least 20 ECTS per year are required (the number of credits might be bigger; however, it is advised not to have more than 60 ECTS per year). Learners can choose different courses from the list based on their knowledge and future goals in order to create their own programme for at least 20 ECTS. Certificate and Transcript of Records is provided after the completion of the programme.

The learners who choose less than 20 ECTS per year receive a Transcript of Records after completion of courses.

Information about the credits.

Vytautas Magnus University offers these at Lithuanian Language and Culture Studies programme taught courses:

  • ETN0101 Lithuanian Folklore, traditions, mythology (through English)
  • ETN5015 Contemporary Folklore (Master’s studies course)
  • ETN5023 Cross-Cultural Studies on Gender and Life-cycle (Master’s studies course)
  • ETN0102 Lithuanian traditions and their transformations
  • IST0103 History of Lithuanian Diaspora
  • IST0102 Lithuanian History (through English)
  • LFL1001 Contemporary Issues of Lithuanian Literature
  • LFL1003 Introduction to Publishing
  • LFL2005 Morphology and Composition of Lithuanian Language
  • LFL4010 Academic Writing
  • LIT0202 Practical Grammar of Lithuanian Language (for A2 and B1 levels)
  • LIT0203 Speaking practice of the Lithuanian language I (A1)
  • LIT0204 Speaking Practice of the Lithuanian Language II (for A2 and B1 levels)
  • LIT0205 Practice of the Lithuanian Language – Creative Writing (for B2, C1, and C2 levels)
  • LIT0206 Lithuanian Art: Theatre, Cinema, Fine Art, Photography (through English)
  • LIT0207 Lithuanian Literature (for foreigners) (through English) (online)
  • LGK0312 Lithuanian Sign Language Level 2
  • LGK0315 Lithuanian Sign Language Level 1
  • LGK0317 Lithuanian Sign Language Level 3
  • LKB0305 Lithuanian as a Foreign Language A1 (through English)
  • LKB0306 Lithuanian as a Foreign Language A2
  • LKB0307 Lithuanian as a Foreign Language B1
  • LKB0308 Lithuanian as a Foreign Language B2
  • MEN3019 History of the Lithuanian Art
  • MEN3020 History of the Lithuanian Theatre
  • MEN3021 History of the Lithuanian Architecture
  • MLS5009 Psychology of Language (Master’s studies course)
  • MLS5016 Language Teaching in a Multilingual Environment (Master’s studies course)
  • MLS5017 Contemporary Translation Theories and Practical Application (Master’s studies course)
  • SPP1012 Morphology and Syntax of the Lithuanian Language
  • SKK3010 Contemporary Ethnic Processes in Baltic Region
  • Lithuanian as a Foreign Language A1 (for Ukrainians)
  • Lithuanian as a Foreign Language A2 (for Ukrainians)
  • Phonetics and grammar of the Lithuanian language A1
  • Challenges of Lithuanian identity and family stories

Kindly note that some of the courses are taught only in the spring or autumn semester. Which courses are available in this or will be available in the following semester you may check in the timetable.

Courses are tought during the whole semester which dates of the beginning, end and exam session is provided in the academic calendar.

Which courses are available in this or will be available in the following semester you may check in the timetable.

Registration to online courses.

Registration to contact courses. Price of one semester course range from EUR 250,00 to EUR 400,00 depending on the amount of credits and subgroup to which the course belongs. Regarding the exact price please inquire by email


The courses suggested in the programme in regard to the Lithuanian language competences:


Contact person:

Ugnė Vaičiulytė,

+370 37 327 828