Lecture: “From Sanskrit to “melagienos”: the world through the prism of Lithuanian language”

When learning new languages (and revising the forgotten ones), not only do we learn how to greet someone or ask for directions, but we can also explore the entire world of culture and its values: from grammatical constructions to words with meanings understandable only by the users of one language.

During this lecture, we will discuss the paradoxes related to one of the most archaic surviving Indo-European languages, namely the Lithuanian language. Old in construction, and fast to its reaction to the rapidly advancing world. What are the challenges learning it, and why should we learn it anyways?

During the lecture, we will answer all these questions and introduce your next natural step towards comprehensive knowledge of Lithuanian language and culture, namely, online non-formal education programme of Lithuanian Language and Culture Studies for Foreigners and Lithuanian Diaspora.

The event is organized by Vytautas Magnus University and is a part of a series “October – Lithuanian Diaspora Month”.