The student survey “Teaching and learning evaluation”

At the end of each semester, all students of bachelor, master, integrated and professional studies are invited to share their opinion about teachers and their own work during the semester study courses. The survey is anonymous!

The survey is open until the 22nd of December. Students are invited to participate in the survey and during the upcoming exam session to give their opinion and thus contribute to the improvement of the quality of studies.

The link to the survey Teaching and learning evaluation could be found in the main window of the students’ portal. Starting from this semester, all students have a possibility to monitor the number of pending questionnaires and the number and percentage of questionnaires received for each study course in the students’ portal.

The survey is of a summative nature, so teachers will be able to respond to students’ suggestions in preparation for the next semester’s study courses. While the survey is ongoing, teachers can see student participation activity on the teachers’ portal, and they will be able to get acquainted with students’ responses in January.

Teachers are asked to encourage students to take part in the survey Teaching and learning evaluation.

We invite you to participate actively!

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