Lithuanian Studies

Semester long courses

Each semester the Faculty of Humanities at Vytautas Magnus University offers three different levels of Lithuanian Language courses: Beginners level (A1), Intermediate level (A2), Upper-intermediate level (B1). More information.

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“Survival Lithuanian”


VMU offers an intensive and short (2 weeks) Lithuanian Language course before the beginning of semester for those who want to learn very basic of Lithuanian Language. Aim of the course is to introduce students to a very basic knowledge of Lithuanian that would help them to “survive” in Lithuania. In this intensive course students will learn to introduce themselves, to provide basic biographical information, to ask for the prices while shopping, to ask for directions, basic information at the university, to order food, as well as other useful everyday phrases in Lithuanian. This intensive course is structured around the sociocultural knowledge of Lithuanian Language.

Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Course

Each summer the University offers an intensive (4 weeks) Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Course. During the summer course students are offered an intensive program consisting of lectures, workshops and discussions, sightseeing tours and excursions to learn the Lithuanian language and deepen the knowledge about Lithuanian lifestyle. Read more.