Procedure of Exam Session and Final Thesis Defence

In the meeting of the Rector’s Council yesterday, a long discussion was held about the possible procedure of this semester’s exam session and the defense of the final theses. A wide variety of opinions and perspectives were expressed, including the views of the VMU Student Representative Council. After this discussion, the following guidelines have been approved for the organisation of studies at Vytautas Magnus University under the relaxed lockdown rules:

  • Taking into account the still present risk of COVID-19 and the possibility of ensuring continuity and consistency of studies, as well as the aim to implement quality requirements that were uniform for everyone in distance learning, VMU intends for the spring semester studies to be completed remotely. In the case of VMU Music Academy, a separate procedure is being considered.
  • In support and understanding of the principles of autonomy, and taking into consideration the maturity and sensibility of the university’s community, if face-to-face contact is necessary in order to ensure quality of studies (for instance, lab work during the final year of studies which requires laboratory equipment; practical tasks of final years/final theses that cannot be completed remotely; traineeships for professional activities or experiments and tests that are required for preparation of final theses), by collective agreement of the studies’ participants, after an assessment of possibilities and following all necessary safety requirements, the study process may be conducted face-to-face from 25 May. Decisions are made by the faculties and the academies after consulting with representatives of students and employees as well as committees of the study programmes.
  • The selection of the form of studies cannot have any effect on the process of the assessment of the students’ knowledge.

Moreover, in accordance with the principles of democracy and autonomy of the faculties and the academies, it has been decided that they will continue the discussions with their communities regarding the conditions of final thesis defense and will present proposals for the Rector’s Council’s approval. On Friday 29 May at the latest, the university will announce which study programmes’ defenses will be held face-to-face. The heads of faculties (academies) will prepare proposals regarding final theses’ defense after consulting with representatives of students and employees. 

We wish you all a smooth and successful exam session.