Meeting with a former Lithuania’s Ambassador to China

After some break we come back with another “Time for Asia” event. This time it is a remote meeting with Ina Marčiulionytė who was Lithuania’s ambassador to China from 2015 to 2020. The meeting will take place online on October 22nd (Thursday), 14:30 and will be conducted in Lithuanian language.

ATTENTION! Registration is mandatory. Log-in to event will be emailed to those who filled the registration form:

Ina Marčiulionytė is former Deputy Minister of Culture, permanent representative of Lithuania to UNESCO, member and Chairman of World Heritage Committee, Director of Department of Latin America, Africa, Asia and Oceania at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and since 2015 to 2020 Ambassador of Lithuania to China. Starting September this year, Ina Marčiulionytė is leading European Union delegation in Laos.

“Time for Asia” is a cycle of events, organized by the Centre for Asian Studies and aimed to present contemporary issues and topics in the fields of Asian politics, society and economics.

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