Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Course 2023

Vytautas Magnus University is happy to introduce its summer courses for those who want to learn new things, meet incredible people, and make the best of their summer!

The Lithuanian language and culture summer course language lessons welcome everyone – from complete beginners to advanced learners who want to continue their journey. Insightful cultural and social lectures, activities designed to create an immersive experience of Lithuanian culture, also adapted to the online format. Captivating special tasks and interactions with Lithuanians, your new friends from around the world united by the desire to learn Lithuanian.  

Dates: 8 July, 2023 – 6 August, 2023

Target audience: Everyone from the beginners to the advanced users.  

Credits: 8 ECTS  

Mode: Online / On-site (Kaunas or Vilnius) 

Programme variations: 

  • On-site: Kaunas or Vilnius

All of the arriving Lithuanian Language and Culture Course students are met by VDU mentors. Our staff provides all of the necessary information regarding the arrival, accommodation at the dormitory, communication networks, shopping and other first needs.

Every course participant receives the study programme during the first meeting at the university (the study programmes are also sent to students by email prior to their arrival). During this meeting, we go through the programme, discuss expectations, answer any questions which might arise.

The summer course also provides an extensive cultural programme, including sociocultural lectures on Lithuanian culture, folklore, history. As well, excursions to various cities and museums are included!

We also offer our students a lot of group work. By taking part in such activities students share and compare their own cultural, social and political experiences, presenting their findings in different creative ways.

Lithuanian language lectures take place in the university‘s classrooms, fully equipped with the needed multimedia devices. Some of our lectures are held in other places, too – the university‘s sitting room, cafe etc. Lastly, we stress the importance of practising the Lithuanian language in different environments (shops, market places, drugstores), providing students with various interactive tasks to reinforce what is learned in class. 

A prepared and well tested cultural, ethnographic cognitive programme allows us to well present Lithuania as a whole!  

Lecture times: 

08.30 – 10.00  Lithuanian language class   
10.30 – 11.30  Lithuanian language class   
13:00 – 14:30  Sociocultural lecture
  • Online

Vytautas Magnus University offers an intensive four-week long Lithuanian language and culture summer course online. Online programme consists of language and sociocultural lectures, inviting professors, activists and professionals to share knowledge with the students. There are communication channels for students to discuss, ask questions, share information and learning materials regardless of topic. Recordings of the classes are available upon request. Coffee clubs, art workshops, virtual museum visitings – our online students are provided with all the tools to learn the language and experience Lithuanian culture through the lens of locals.

All Lithuanian Classes are held via the platform ZOOM. Other online platforms such as Slack and Facebook are used for cultural lectures as well as easier, more efficient communication between students, mentors and organisers.

The Lithuanian language and culture course includes daily Lithuanian language lectures, sociocultural lectures on Lithuanian history, festivals, folklore, sociolinguistics.

A prepared and well tested cultural, ethnographic cognitive programme allows us to well present Lithuania as a whole!

Lecture times: 

11.00–13.30  Lithuanian language classes (first time zone students) 
14.30–15.30   Sociocultural lecture 
16.00–18.30   Lithuanian language classes (second time zone students) 


If you have some questions please feel free to contact us via