Department of Lithuanian Studies

Elena Pakalnytė

Research interests: language acquisition, bilingualism, multilingualism, children’s language.

Agnė Cesiulė

PhD topic: Microhistory of Lithuanian literature (from 1938 till 2010)
Supervisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vijolė Višomirskytė

Aušra Urbanavičiūtė

PhD topic: A Comparative Analysis of Ideology Detection in Discourse
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Jurgita Vaičenonienė

Eglė Mikulskaitė

PhD topic: Literary Cartography: The Representations of Liminality in Contemporary Lithuanian Prose
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Indrė Žakevičienė

Gerda Pilipaitytė

PhD topic: trauma narratives in contemporary Lithuanian and Spanish dramaturgy
Supervisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aurelija Mykolaitytė

Joris Kazlauskas

PhD topic: Prosodic hierarchy in Lithuanian language
Supervisor Prof. Dr. Asta Kazlauskienė

Kristina Tutlytė

PhD topic: The Forms of Writing at the Turning-Point of Lithuanian Literature: the Texts by Icchokas Meras, Vytautas Martinkus, Ramūnas Klimas.
Supervisor Assoc. Prof. dr. Indrė Žakevičienė.
Gyvenimo aprašymas


Laima Jancaitė

PhD topic: The Description of Lithuanian Grammatical Categories for Researches of Language Technologies
Supervisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erika Rimkutė

Skirmantė Gribauskienė

PhD topic: Child Heritage Language: Development of Grammar
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ineta Dabašinskienė

Edgaras Dambrauskas

PhD topic: Fake News Detection: Creation of Fake News Detection Model for Lithuanian Using a Specialised Corpus
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Andrius Utka