CAS exhibition “25 Years of East Asia Studies in Kaunas”

VMU Centre for Asian Studies invites all to the opening of the exhibition “25 Years of East Asia Studies in Kaunas” which will be taking place on March 7th, 16:45 at 4th floor gallery, V. Putvinskio st. 23, Kaunas. The event is free of charge and open to all.

East Asia studies in Kaunas began in 1994 when Dr. Ryo Kojima taught Japanese language and a course on/about “Japan’s history, culture and society” in Vytautas Magnus University. He was the first lecturer from Asia in the history of VMU.

During the 25 years after the establishment of Japanese Studies Centre in 2000 which in 2009 has grown into the Centre for Asian Studies our activities has been expanded. Today Centre’s activities are based on 5 main goals: to conduct research in the field of East Asia; to promote the spread of knowledge about Asian culture in Lithuania; to teach University’ students the subjects on languages and East Asian cultures, society; to collect library funds; to develop network of international partners.

We implement these goals together with our friends in University, Kaunas, Lithuania and the world.

The exhibition “25 Years of East Asia Studies in Kaunas” presents 14 first steps which Asian Studies took in Kaunas during the 25 years. We are happy that majority of the initiatives gained continuity and became an integral part of the Centre for Asian Studies.

We are grateful for the photos to Jonas Petronis, students’ clubs “Hashi”, “Hallyu”, “Wu Wei” and CAS friends.

The exhibition will take place until the end of the semester.