Apply now: Competition for traineeship AT non-EU countries

VMU students are invited to participate in competition for traineeship at non-EU countries with Erasmus+ or VMU Mobility scholarship. Students have to submit completed online application form (Application form for traineeship in non-EU/EEE countries) until 16th of December 2018.

Selection criteria:

  • traineeship compatibility with Study programme at VMU;
  • confirmation from hosting organization for acceptance into traineeship programme;
  • motivation;
  • results of studies or research during the last two semesters (for VMU Mobility scholarship GPA should be no less than 8.0);
  • good knowledge of language in which traineeship will be commenced.

Traineeship period starts no earlier than 2019-01-01 and ends no later than 2019-08-31.

Students will be personally informed via e-mail about the results till 21st of December.

Selected students will receive Erasmus+ or VMU Mobility scholarship. Eligible countries and number of scholarships:

Erasmus+ scholarship

Country Duration of Traineeship Number of scholarships Scholarship and travel grant
Bosnia and Hercegovina 2 – 4 months 3 700 Eur/month + 275 Eur
Israel 2 – 4 months 2 700 Eur/month + 360 Eur
Russia 2 – 4 months 2 700 Eur/month + 275 Eur

 VMU Mobilitity scholarship

Group of countries[1] Duration of Traineeship Number of scholarships Scholarship
Countries of regions: South Asia, East Asia and Pacific; Middle East; North America; Latin America & the Caribbean 1 – 3 months 8 650 Eur/month
Countries of regions: Europe and Central Asia; North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa 1 – 3 months 550 Eur/month

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