15th Conference on Baltic Studies in Europe (CBSE) “Turning Points: Values and Conflicting Futures in the Baltics”

Vytautas Magnus University, in cooperation with the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies (AABS), is pleased to announce the 15th Conference on Baltic Studies in Europe (CBSE) “Turning Points: Values and Conflicting Futures in the Baltics,” which will be held on 15-17 June 2023 in Kaunas, Lithuania.

As in previous years, CBSE 2023 will cover a diversity of themes and disciplines as we consistently demonstrate and promote the achievements of Baltic studies in various areas. Time and again, CBSE has brought together scholars from all disciplines and stages in their careers worldwide who share an interest in exploring the Baltic region from multiple perspectives and fields of research. CBSE 2023 will continue this tradition.

For the Baltic region to be situated on the edge of Europe meant to experience tragic historical consequences. Alarmingly, unrest marks the European present as well. The brutal war in Ukraine and the world’s reaction to it shape any academic (and non-academic) discourse today. The events in Ukraine have brought to light the danger of unexpected shifts in societies, and this situation urges all of us to debate and delineate the values we pursue, with Ukraine becoming an illustration of the quest for unremitting freedom, unyielding courage, and exemplary leadership.

At this conference, we invite scholars to discuss and share experiences associated with unstable and increasingly uncertain conditions on the one hand and the emerging opportunities for the Baltic region on the other. Especially important is the recognition of the unique role of the Baltics in shaping a common European standpoint. The region’s historical experiences and authentic voice are crucial in creating a common European moral map by raising the awareness of all Europeans. Presenters are also encouraged to dwell upon broader issues and contexts that the war in Ukraine brought back for the world to ponder, e.g., disinformation patterns, regional security, and geopolitical instability. Additionally, the conference will give due attention to the political and cultural heritage of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the current political cooperation projects in East-Central Europe, such as the Three Seas Initiative.

Contributions are encouraged from disciplines including:

  • Anthropology, Sociology, and Religion
  • Communication, Media, and Journalism
  • Digital Humanities, Museums, and Libraries
  • Environment, Resources, and Sustainability
  • Migration, Diasporas, and Public Diplomacy
  • Higher Education, Science Policy, and Knowledge Management
  • History, Memory, and Identity
  • International Law, Economics, and Political Studies
  • Literature, Arts, and Culture Studies
  • Language Studies, Education, and Psychology
  • Social Development and Urban Planning
  • International Relations and Regional Security
  • Other

We invite you to submit the proposals for individual papers, thematic panels, roundtable discussions, and book presentations until January 15th, 2023.


Conference webpage

Email: cbsekaunas2023@vdu.lt