Student Registration to Courses of Spring Semester


From 23 November until 23 December, registration is open to the group A, B, C and D subjects (courses) of 2016/2017 spring semester for the full-time first-cycle (BA) and integrated programmes’ students. Enrolment will be performed online only, having connected to VMU Students’ Self-service Portal (hereinafter referred to as SSP).

From 1 February until 14 February, registration will be open to the group A, B, C and D subjects (courses) of 2016/2017 spring semester for the full-time students of master studies and unclassified students (free movers, exchange students).

To connect, FirstClass username and password are necessary. If you do not possess your username and password or have forgotten the password, please address the Student Centre (S. Daukanto str. 27, Room 26) in person and have your student ID. More detailed information on enrolment into study subjects is available in SSP User Guidelines for Students.

Before enrolling into subjects, each student, while compiling his/her individual study plan, shall have to choose subjects the volume of which is not less than 24 and not more than 36 credits per semester. The recommended total volume of one year full-time studies is 60 credits. If you study in minor or individual studies, the volume of semester study credits shall not exceed 42 credits.

Steps of enrolment into study subjects

  • For full-time students of bachelor and integrated studies
I. Main enrolment 23 November 2016, 10.00 a.m.             4 December 2016, 24:00.
II. Enrolment into  vacancies and revision of lists 5 December 2016, 00.00 a.m.            23 December 2016, 24:00.
III. Final revision of enrolled subjects, crossing out of undesirable subjects and enrolling intovacancies 1 February 2017, 10.00 a.m. 14 February 2017, 24:00.
  • For full-time students of master studies
  • For unclassified students (Free movers, Exchange students)
STAGE  FROM                                                     TO
III.   Main enrolment into subjects  and revision of lists 1 February 2017, 10.00 a.m.            14 February 2017, 24:00.

Priority criteria applied in all steps of enrolment

  1. Higher year of studies (priority to higher year students);
  2. Average of last semester grades (priority to students with higher average; for first year students – to those having a higher entrance competitive score).

The date and time of enrolment are not important, but in the course of enrolment, please check the following:

  • if your name is included in the subject of your priorities;
  • if other students with higher grades “have not pushed you out” from the subject.

In the second stage, a student with higher priority shall not push out a student with lower priority who enrolled in the first stage; while in the third stage, he/she shall not push out students enrolled in the first and second stages.

Please keep following your enrolment on every subject list in the course of all stages. If you find your name below the line of students enrolled in the subject (you can see NO next to your last name), it is possible that in due course you will get onto the list (you will see YES next to your last name).

It is important to note that having crossed out of the subject in the first and second stages, you will not get onto the list in the third stage if you decides to enrol into the same subject.

After the second stage of enrolment is over, Group A and Group B subjects (except for foreign languages), and elective study field subjects (Group C) with a small number of enrolled students shall be removed from the list of subjects offered that semester.

Please follow the announcements after this stage of enrolment.

At the beginning of semester, no printed variants of lists where you can enrol or cross out will be available, and the applications for enrolment will not be accepted.

Important information for full-time students of bachelor and integrated studies

  1. Students who take the subject Computer Literacy in 2016/2017 spring semester shall sign up in two lists: lectures and laboratory work (lecture + laboratory work equal to 4 credits).
  1. Enrolment into English language subject:
  • First year students who start studying the English language at a higher level than A1 shall acquire level C1 of academic English;
  • Students who start studying the English language at level A1 or those having entered the University in 2015 or prior, shall acquire level B2 of academic English.

2016 / 2017 Spring semester time-table programmes and courses taught in English