Discussion with doc. A. Zykas at the Vilnius Book Fair

During the Vilnius Book Fair on Thursday, February 22nd, at 2:00 P.M., in the Conference Hall 1.2, a discussion with the doc. Aurelijus Zykas “Lead by soft power. Image, world, Japan” (led by Richard Jonaitis).

During the event the newest Mr. A. Zykas’ monograph “Lead by soft power: communication of country’s image and Japan” will be presented, which will be available for the purchase at VMU booth Nr. 3.11.

The practice of managing the image of the country raises a lot of dilemmas, therefore, it has both advocates and enemies. Lithuania is not an exception. On the one hand, media is resentful that Lithuania abroad is portrayed as a poor country or the homeland of Hannibal Lecter. On the other hand, it asks whether the taxpayer’s money is used properly and effectively, while being invested in such intricate and reasonably difficult-to-explain activities as cultural diplomacy or national brand. After all, the image of the country is almost magical cloud of associations and symbols existing in the minds of foreigners. Can it be said that it determines the country’s economy, tourist flows or human lives in wars? Japan is a country in which the author is interested in and from which he presents the most examples.

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