Baltic Summer University

Baltic Summer University (BSU) offers a unique summer experience at VMU that combines a collection of summer programmes delivered by experts of their field as well as a variety of cultural and social events for students to enjoy their acquaintance with Lithuania.

It all started with the Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Course, University’s oldest summer programme, which over the years has been successfully attracting people to personally experience Lithuanian culture and learn the language.

The success of this particular programme inspired the introduction of a wider range of topics and programmes, which led to the birth of the Baltic Summer University (BSU) in 2017.

BSU continues its activities and welcomes everyone interested in improving their language skills, their knowledge of natural sciences, creative and social media or musical skills as well as gaining hands-on work experience in our Summer Internship Programme.

Moreover, in the “3 Cs” (Creativity, Culture and Communication) courses, students have an excellent opportunity to gain skills in film-making, social marketing, and personal brand development. The “Zoom in the Baltics” course will uncover the essence of the Baltic spirit to anyone interested in our region. As VMU is home to the World Lithuanian University, a special module for World Lithuanians will be offered as well.

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