18th Catalogue of Internship and Volunteering

Infront of you is the 18th Catalogue of Internship and Volunteering published by VMU Career Center and intended for our students. In this catalogue you will find internships and volunteering offers from various companies, state institutions and non-governmental organizations. We hope that everyone will find the right one for themselves!

Catalogue of Internship and Volunteering no. 18 / May, 2023

Catalogue contains brief information about the company, institution or organization offering the internship or volunteering, the name of the internship / volunteering it offers, and eligibility conditions that intern / volunteer must fulfill. Each internship and volunteering announcement separately indicates whether these activities can be combined with studies, during which period interns / volunteers are accepted, to which of the offered positions are invited students with special needs, and which activities are organized in a foreign language so that foreign students could take part in it.

We hope that this catalogue will help you to find an internship or encourage to volunteer paving the way to the job market! VMU Career Center is not responsible for the content of the offers presented in the catalogue, companies and organizations themselves decide on the conditions of practice and / or volunteering.

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