Course content

The total number of hours per Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Course is 160 (6 ECTS).
The course programme consists of teaching in the class, afternoon lectures, conversation practice, student working hours, homework, language laboratory.

Lectures (The system of the Lithuanian language and the Lithuanian Language Practice)

A1, A2, B1 and B2 level language classes are available.

80 hours


Afternoon lectures (For example, Lithuanian Art; Politics and Society in Today’s Lithuania; Modern Lithuanian Identity; The Features of Lithuanian Literature in the Era of Changes; Image of Lithuania; or Lithuanian Traditional Culture) 20 hours
Other (student working hours, homework, language laboratory, etc.) 60 hours

The course is based on communicative teaching directives, all four linguistic activities are combined (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Elements of various teaching methods (transmission, supply, debate, support, etc.) are combined for successful teaching. In class, students are involved in the following activities to practice and develop their communicative skills:

  • listening to various short texts, dialogues;
  • reading various short texts;
  • creating and improvising various communicational situations;
  • simulations of role-plays;
  • playing games;
  • drilling grammar in role-plays;
  • writing messages and short essays;
  • completing grammar exercises;
  • learning short poems or proverbs by heart;
  • watching TV news and films;
  • listening and singing Lithuanian songs.

Afternoon lectures taught in English provide the students with an opportunity to acquire knowledge and gain insight into the political, social and cultural situation in Lithuania.
During the four weeks of the course, students also visit Vilnius, Trakai, Anykščiai and Klaipėda and have a guided tours of Kaunas.